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More than 20 years of experience

Born from the fusion of 20 years of experience in the business sector, we unite efforts to provide the best customer service through our 360º vision between the company, the worker, and official entities.

Our work philosophy and dedication come together to provide our clients with professional and personalized treatment so that they only worry about growing their businesses.

At Like it Consulting, we know that managing your company in tax, labor, accounting, and HR matters is essential for the success of your business. Our team of consultants specialized in these areas is ready to provide you with the necessary support and help you navigate the complex world of business obligations.

At Like It Consulting, we are passionate about being your strategic ally for the success of your business. Leave the selection of your team in our hands so that your company can grow and evolve quickly and efficiently, as we seek talent and manage it in a highly personalized way.

Contact us today and discover how our comprehensive consultancy can boost your growth and optimize your operations!

Founding Team

Like it Consulting

Two individuals joining forces to achieve a common good. Trying to provide a service that companies need to carry out their day-to-day operations.

The most valuable asset of an organization is its team, its human capital, so we present it to you!

We invite you to move forward together. And by your side, the other fundamental part of the equation, our clients.

The enthusiasts who started Like it Consulting:



  • Postgraduate in Labor Law

  • Expert in Equality

  • Business Administration / MBA

    “We present the problem along with the solution”



  • Bachelor’s degree in Economics

  • Economist at the College of Economists of Malaga

  • Master’s in Power BI and Taxation

  • Practical Course in Labor Practices EAL

    “The key is in the details”

like it consulting


  • Tax savings.
  • Compliance with current regulations.
  • We help grow your business.


  •  Our clients.
  • Prompt response.
  • Personalized attention.


  • 360 Services.
  • Agile Methodology.
  • Implementation of latest technologies.

Experts in:


Rely on the support of our accounting consultancy to look out for your interests, ensuring that you faithfully comply with current regulations.


We advise companies and self-employed individuals to ensure they comply with labor regulations in their hiring decisions, benefits, subsidies, social security, etc.


With our system, your accounting books will always be up to date, allowing you to make correct treasury or financing decisions.

Cooperatives societies

We stand out from other consultancies due to our specialization in the management of worker cooperatives. Cooperatives are the future of business enterprises. Find out more!

HUMAN resources consulting

We select the best personnel who apply for a job offer. We collect and analyze CVs and interview candidates, streamlining the search for qualified staff for companies.

Design and marketing

We expand our services by offering specialized design and marketing for companies.


At Like It Consulting, we are a team of software development enthusiasts passionate about technology and innovation. Our mission is to turn your ideas into reality by creating customized and efficient technological solutions that drive the growth of your business.

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Customer service hours:

Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm



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