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With our comprehensive 360º consulting, we aim to provide you with a complete and multidimensional perspective to improve your company’s efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

Tax advice

Rely on the support of our accounting consultancy to look out for your interests, ensuring that you faithfully comply with current regulations.

Employment advice

We advise companies and self-employed individuals to ensure they comply with labor regulations in their hiring decisions, benefits, subsidies, social security, etc.



With our system, your accounting books will always be up to date, allowing you to make correct treasury or financing decisions.


Human Resources Consulting

We select the best personnel who apply for a job offer. We collect and analyze CVs and interview candidates, streamlining the search for qualified staff for companies.

Experts in Cooperative Societies

We stand out from other consultancies due to our specialization in the management of worker cooperatives. Cooperatives are the future of business enterprises. Find out more!

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At Like it Consulting, we are committed to the success and growth of our clients. We offer highly personalized and professional consulting services, designed to meet the specific needs of your business or project.

Why Choose Us?

  • Experience and expertise: Our team of experts has extensive experience in various fields, allowing us to provide you with a comprehensive insight and effective solutions for your challenges.
  • Personalized approach: We understand that each client is unique, so we tailor our strategies and recommendations to achieve your specific goals.
  • Proven results: We have helped numerous clients achieve success in their businesses and projects. Our track record speaks for itself.
  • Confidentiality: We respect and protect the confidentiality of all information shared by our clients.
  • Tax declarations for self-employed individuals, commercial entities, cooperative societies, etc.
  • Preparation and filing of all periodic tax declarations for businesses and individuals:
    • Personal Income Tax.
    • Wealth Tax.
    • Corporate Income Tax.
    • Value Added Tax.
    • Non-Resident Taxes.
    • Special Taxes.
    • Installment payments and withholdings.
    • Information returns.
  • Handling of requests and application for deferments.
  • Management of authorizations for carrying out electronic procedures with the Tax Agency.
  • Management of electronic notifications from the Unique Electronic Address (DEHú).
  • Advice on business creation and company type change studies.
  • Procedures at the Commercial Registry:
    • Registration of Commercial Companies.
    • Registration of Social Agreements.
    • Legalization of Official Books.
    • Presentation of Accounts Deposits.
    • Registration of Domain Reservation.
    • Cancellation of Domain Reservation.
    • Registry Reports.
    • Company Certifications.
    • Publications in the Official Gazette of the Mercantile Registry.
    • Registration of Deeds.
    • Simple Notes.
    • Registry Certifications.
  • Procedures at the Property Registry:
    • Management of deeds.
    • Registration Certificates.
    • Registry Notes.
    • Reports.
  • Advice and processing of grants and subsidies.
  • Processing of registrations, cancellations, and changes for self-employed individuals in Social Security.
  • Management of registrations, cancellations, or changes for workers in special regimes such as self-employed, agricultural, domestic employees, etc.
  • Monitoring and notification of employment contract expirations.
  • Study and processing of company registrations in Social Security.
  • Establishment openings.
  • Affiliation to the RED System (Electronic Submission of Social Security Documents) as an authorized user of Social Security.
  • Preparation of monthly and extra salary receipts, convention arrears, etc.
  • Preparation of summary lists of payrolls, costs, allocation by centers or by company, etc.
  • Preparation of contract terminations, settlements, and severance payments.
  • Advice and management of worker hiring (ordinary contracts, with bonuses, incentive requests, etc.).
  • Preparation of payroll transfer lists through credit institutions (bank remittances).
  • Calculation process of Social Security contribution bulletins (RED system).
  • Processing of sick leave, confirmation, and return to work notices for Temporary Disability by electronic means.
  • Processing of Accident Reports (DELTA system).
  • Preparation of the company certificate for the purpose of requesting benefits for temporary disability, maternity, unemployment, etc.
  • Preparation of communication of data to the payer for income tax purposes (form 145).
  • Preparation of periodic declarations and annual summary of income tax (forms 110, 111, 190, etc.).
  • Preparation of income certificates, withholdings, and deductions for the annual income tax return.
  • Management of Social Security contribution deferrals.
  • Management and processing of Temporary Employment Regulation Files (ERTES).
  • Salary register.

  • Strategic economic analytical studies of specific financial statements.
  • Financial advice and ongoing accounting planning for individuals, commercial companies, and non-profit entities.
  • Economic and financial analysis and feasibility studies.
  • Reports and preparation of Annual Accounts.
  • Preparation of accounting for entrepreneurs and professionals (recording of accounting entries). Maintenance of accounting books and preparation of mandatory register books, either at our offices or through consultancy at the client’s premises:
        • General Ledger
        • Inventory and Annual Accounts Book
        • Shareholders Book
        • Book of Nominal Shares
        • Minutes Book
        • Preparation of auxiliary books for tax purposes
        • VAT register books
        • Simplified Direct Estimation books
        • Investment Property Register Book
  • IT Selection.
  • Competency analysis and management.
  • Performance evaluation.
  • Job evaluation.
  • Compensation systems.
  • Job design and evaluation.
  •  Talent retention and management.
  • Improvement of motivation and productivity.
  •  Equality Plans.
  • Internal Communication.
  • Work Climate Study.
  • Identification of Training Needs.
  • Design of training plans.
  •  Onboarding Plans.

We expand our services by offering specialized design and marketing for companies.


With our comprehensive 360º consultancy, we seek to provide you with a complete and multidimensional perspective to enhance the efficiency, productivity, and profitability of your company, ensuring that all key areas are aligned and functioning optimally.

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