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To select the best technological profile for your SME, the ideal approach is to make a proper personnel selection. We might be small, but we’re efficient! You don’t need to be a large recruiting firm to find the best technological profile for your company. At Like It Consulting, we focus more on the search. We’re the perfect Head Hunter to conduct an effective selection process for fully technological profiles.

We already know that Málaga has always been in vogue: sun, beach, culture, and now… Technology.

In the dynamic job market of Málaga, where technological profiles are booming, small recruiting companies have the advantage of offering a personalized and agile selection process.

It’s very important to select technological profiles very well because nowadays, a company’s human capital is not only driven by salary but also by personal brand, representing the company where flexibility, telecommuting, in other words, importance is given to quality of life.

Here are some small tips for effectively searching for these highly demanded profiles.

Advantages of Small Recruiting Companies:
Agility in decision-making: Less bureaucracy allows for quick adaptation to market needs.
Personalized treatment: Ability to build closer relationships with candidates and client companies.
Specialization: Focus on specific niches in the technology market, allowing for a deeper understanding of needs and trends.

Find the best profile

Definition of Requirements:
Work collaboratively with the client company to understand the specific needs of the position.
Create a detailed job description reflecting both the required technical skills and personal competencies.
Attraction Strategy:
Use specialized channels to reach passive candidates (the most difficult and in-demand) and active ones.
Boost the employer brand of the recruiting company to attract talent. Research about the company to be able to provide resources to the candidate.
Technical Skills Assessment:
Implement technical tests and practical exercises to assess specific competencies. This will depend on the technological profile.
Conduct technical interviews with specialists to delve into the candidate’s knowledge. Even with the company, to know exactly what they need.
Cultural and Fit Assessment:
Consider the culture of the client company and evaluate the candidate’s adaptability.
Include members of the client company’s team in the interviews to assess the candidate’s integration.
Reference Verification:
Confirm the candidate’s experience and competencies by checking references.
Decision and Offer:
Make an informed decision based on the data collected during the process.
Present an attractive offer that reflects the values and opportunities of the client company.
The person is what matters!
Transparent Communication: Keep the candidate informed at every stage of the process.
Constructive Feedback: Offer valuable feedback regardless of the process outcome.

In the technology era, and even more so when wanting to find the best technological profile for your company, we must make responsible and efficient use of tools. As Like It Consulting, we provide you with the following guidance on how to use them correctly.

Professional Social Networks: To contact candidates and present opportunities. LinkedIn, Tecnoempleo, etc.
Networking Events: Participate in local technology events to meet emerging talents.
Collaborations with Educational Institutions: Establish alliances with universities and technological training centers.
Final Considerations
Adaptability: Be prepared to adjust the process according to market responses.
Innovation: Implement new selection techniques such as gamification or artificial intelligence.

Small recruiting companies in Málaga specializing in technological profiles, thanks to their ability to offer personalized processes and their proximity to the growing technological market, can be unique. With a candidate-centered approach and focusing on the specific needs of the client company, these companies can build solid and cutting-edge technology teams.

Trust Like It Consulting to find your team!